Friday, October 3, 2014

It's Already A Year

On their way to Peru

It is hard to believe that it has already been a year since I landed in Peru.   My daughter and granddaughter joined me only a couple of months later. It has been great to share this experience with them and to see my granddaughter learn two languages at once.

The room I had ready for her when she arrived.
Here room was the only room in the house finished. Our bedrooms only had beds, and there was no living room or dinning room furniture when they arrived.  
Gia's room was complete. 

She loved it too.

Hanging around the plaza in December

A month later, Whitney started teaching at ICPNAC.  Everything is closed here the last two weeks in December. 

Then I started teaching at Austral University as well as ICPNAC.

 Gia started daycare in Cuzco, Peru. She had been going to daycare in Savannah, but now she will be with children that only speak Spanish and she will have to learn the language.

She is off to get in her car, but she didn't know that she would be walking.
It is time to go.
 Now that was a task, because she wanted to be carried.  The school was only a block around the corner.  After weeks of fighting, she got use to it.  

She would also fight you to carry her  backpack.  What a big girl.
Gotta get my car.

Whitney's adjustment to the food came much quicker than her adjustment to the altitude.  You are usually sick the first week and wanting to sleep all of the time. That is usually because you are having terrible headaches and feel really tired.  After a week she was back to normal.

 This is what I would usually have in San Pedro with Yolanda; fried fish, salad with lettuce tomatos and red onion, rice and lentils with manzanilla tea.  The price S./ 3.50 or $1.25.

Once I took Whitney here, she came back often.
Yolanda from San Pedro Market
Whitney is a foodie and will easily try the street food.  So even though I was here first, I depended on her to tell me which street food to eat.  I had never gotten sick off of the street food or the food in San Perdro, but I did get sick from one of the fancy restaurants around Plaza de Armas.

some street food

My girls have not only adjusted but thrived in this new country.

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