Monday, October 20, 2014


Illa Wasi

This is a rather beautifully developed property,but all that has lived there, has had bad experiences for one reason or another.  One person lived their for a couple of years before the other houses were built and she says that she had bad luck the entire time she was there and that the owner was just not an honest man. He was one that said what was necessary to get what he wanted.  Unfortunately that is the norm in this area.

Everyone wants to take advantage of the Gringo.  

Then there was this couple. The woman was an artist but suffered from terrible depression.  Her situation seemed to be worst since she moved to this property, to the point where she didn't trust herself.  She did however trust a young New Yorker like I did. I later discovered this New  Yorker  would not know the truth if it slapped her in the face. This became more and more evident the longer I was there.  She drew people in like a magnet, and the men were defenseless.  Personally I think she was a witch.  A month after she returned to the property, after being gone for about four months,the owner of the property got sick suddenly and died. He was also very taken by this young New Yorker.  

 I understand she is now looking for another property to Haunt.

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