Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Month to Remember

This month I have been able to visit family and friends from Georgia to Chicago and it has been great for many reasons.  I have been going through a serious transition period after coming out of an emotional time in my life and this trip has made me gauge how much more I have to do.

 It always amazes me how God shows us where we are and what we need in such a gentle and beautiful way; often through and/or with those that truly love us.  This way, the necessary change happens as painless as possible.  I have learned to thank Him daily for those I love and for those that love me.  I am now more aware of how much I have missed my family and friends since moving to California.  However, I love living here, for obvious reasons as well as not so obvious ones.  I find California to be a transitional place for me.  A place that shows me that any and everything is possible.
It is place where many people make a living in the arts and in other nontraditional ways.  Lending its forgiveness to the dreamer, but not so much to the dreamer without plan..  A place where the free-spirit person can thrive and feel comfort in their authentic selves. For me it is validation, and after I am comfortable in that skin, I can go and live anywhere and feel confident in who I am and what I want in my life.

 I am still on this journey of discovery, and it is a beautiful one. Therefore I will stay in California until I am solid in my idea of what I want my life to be.  However, being here also shows me the importance of what I had prior to moving here; showing me how to keep the good of the past with the good of the future.  It amazes me how life unfolds when you are paying attention. This month long trip has also been somewhat of a mnemonic of my need to have and maintain relationships with family and friends.

 How important this nurturing is in my life, the support, as well as the celebration of me.

Only true love from true friends can provide you with this JOY.

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