Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Looking Back at Your Marriage

Can you look back through all of the hurt and pain of a difficult marriage and then divorce, and see any of what you have learned in the situation?

 I saw a quote that reads,
" Sometimes God doesn't change your situation because he is trying to change your heart." I am convinced that this is more powerful that what you were enduring  in  that difficult marriage."
Nothing in life is all bad, sometimes it just appears that way.  Once time heals some of the hurt we can go back and look at the lessons that was there for us. but what are some of the things that you learned other than the hard lessons of merging two very different lives together. Besides the facts that you both had two different value systems, or maybe it was the moral issues that ripped you apart. I would definitely hope that you have learned a great deal from those hard lessons. What else did you learn? Tonight I had fleeting thoughts of what little habits have change with me since I met this man that I committed my life to. They are very small things but they are things that I didn't do or consider before. I now cook my rice with coconut milk and cinnamon sticks. It is the tastiest white rice that I have ever had. I now use only basmati rice instead of the long grain rice that I grew up with. I now love the taste of avocado, however I still don't like the guacamole that I have come across so far. I have been told though if I ever eat some good guacamole in Mexico, I would change my mind. Now I can slice an avocado and eat it alone. It is amazingly good for you; the good oils. I have learned to make my own guacamole, and it is quite good. I love Indian and Mediterranean food, introduced to both by my spouse. I am aware of Bollywood, and love the movies. I can now differentiate between Swahili and other African languages when I hear it spoken on the streets. My husband spoke both Swahili and Luganda fluently, so I know those two when I hear them.   Unfortunately I also learned to be a bit prejudice, which I am not going to divulge because I pray that God removes that from my heart.

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