Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A New Beginning

It is a great feeling to see your kids grow into adults and make good decisions for their life. For a great deal of parents that is not the case and they have to constantly worry about their children and their children's choices. Some of these situations are more traumatic than others. My daughter is not a perfect child, but she has definitely been a good one.

We would like to think it is due to good parenting, and most often it is, but there are times when one is parented well and they still make bad decisions that potentially devastate their lives and rob them of their youth. Parenting has been the one job that I could not quit and the hardest that I have ever had, but it has been the most rewarding one.

 My daughter has graduated from college and for that accomplishment I am grateful. It is just so unfortunate that she did so in a time when the country is in such financial duress and finding a job right out of college is almost impossible. She is now a woman, and that is hard for a mother, knowing that your influence on your child is not as strong as it once was.
You are one day surprised, when you realize that your voice is now in their head. You always tell them that when they have children they will understand you a great deal more.

Gia's First Birthday

 My baby girl  is now a mother with a daughter of her own. I never thought I could love someone more or even as much as my own child, but I am so in love with my granddaughter Gia. I look forward to those calls from my daughter at those pivotal times in Gia's life when she has flashbacks of herself at that particular age. 

I know  they are coming, because I made those same  calls to my mom.

 Most importantly I look forward to seeing my daughter grow into an incredible woman and mother, and share this world with her daughter. Show her the beauty of its landscape and its people.

 Whitney is both spontaneous and adventurous as I am, and that is going to be great for her daughter. With each generation will be new exploration.