Monday, July 8, 2013

Jake Showing Me His Hood

Jake's Hood
Jake's Hood
Housesitting is one of those way you are able to travel around the country or the world and live rent free.  Of course there is a trade off.  It could be caring for pets, staying in a house so it appears lived in, maintaining a garden, or because it is required by many homeowners policy to have someone occupy the house until it is sold; regardless to what it is, you get to experience living in different areas whether it is for a week or a year.  The more I do this the more people I meet doing the same thing.
Jak e leading me arond
Jake leading me Around
Now I am living in Berkeley, California for a month.  My trade-off, caring for a cat, Isa, and dog, Jake.  Both of these pets are up in age, so there is more feeding and administering medication than physical activity.   I am not much of a cat person but I am getting use to Isa and she is getting use to me. Jake is a beautiful Golden Retriever and very easy going.

Jake enjoying a little sun
Jake Enjoying a little Sun
 Since it is his neighborhood and he is such an obedient dog, he walks around with no leash and everyone around here knows and loves Jake.
Market Mall
Market Mall
Pete's Coffee & Tea
Pete's Coffee and Tea
Busy Place
Busy Place
Patrons offered blankets on cool SF morning
Patrons offered blankets on a cool SF morning
I am living one block away from Market Mall on Fourth Street where I had some really healthy  Mexican food at Vino's.  I ordered the Ranchero Relleno because I know that is a safe choice, but it was much different than anything that I had before.  This shell was really light like filo, but it was not filo, and it was filled with avocado, squash, and other goodness.  It was really light and tasty.  I have unfortunately taken to getting my morning coffee from Pete's Coffee & Tea.  No, there is no Starbucks.  I was first introduced to Pete's when I moved to Los Angeles  8 years ago, but developed a daily two year addiction to Starbucks anyway.   Also on Fourth Street is the fabulous Bette's Diner of which there has been a wait every morning.  The morning I went there was a 40 minute wait, and everybody just waited.  My wait was not so long because I was a party of one and could sit at the counter.  I must say it was delicious.  This was my first time having potato pancakes.  Again, the food was light, but filling and quite tasty.
The Ark Toystore
The Ark Toy Store
Real Toys
Real Toys
 There is one other thing you rarely see anymore is a real toy store Yes real toys, not Toys R Us where just about everything is made of plastic, and made in China. This store was fabulous and I will go in when there is less of a crowd to get something for my granddaughter.  To think that all of this life is in the center of an industrial area, where there are warehouses, abandoned train tracks, and even backed up to the well used Amtrak train tracks where the trains blow through a few times per day.

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