Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My New Year Start

Me, Kim Polote and Gretchen Murray

  My New Year started out in the company of some old and dear friends.  These are two women that I have been knowing for 30 years, but have had a close friendship with for about 25 years.  I knew that this is what I had been missing for the past 8 years in Los Angeles, but I do realize that real friendships takes time to build and time to nurture.

 I have been blessed with the friendship of these women as well as three others.  Women who always have my back.  Women who compliment me  as well as tell me when I are not quite right.  Women who will correct me with a loving hand. We have been doing birthday lunches, something I have not done in 20 years.  Wow!  I didn't know how much I needed or missed these ladies. All of my friends are married and we have always respected each others marriage and the responsibilities of marriage.  We never demand anything of each other, we always encourage each other to continue to nurture their marriages and we respect each other's time.

 On this photo, Cecelia and I had taken Gretchen out to dinner for her birthday at Vic's on the Water on Bay Street.  After dinner we decided to go across the street to Ruth Chris, which is where an old friend from school, Kim Michaels Polote sings on the weekend.

When we walked in the door Kim was surprised and excited to see us.   My living in Los Angeles and Gretchen only moving back to Savannah three years ago was the surprise.  I discovered later that Kim told her mom that she saw me this night because I saw her mom at a Masquerade Ball the following weekend.  Neither of which I had seen in almost 20 years. I had not seen Gretchen in over 20 years until she discovered that I was in Savannah through a mutual friend and she invited me to her house for New Years.

These woman were there when my daughter was a toddler and they were very supportive, as I was a single mother.  It was great times.