Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's Often Nice

It is often nice living in a city such as Los Angeles. You can be walking down the street and turn a corner and there is a big event going on that is totally separate from what is going on a couple of blocks away. These separate events even draws a separate crowd and I find it so fascinating to watch. On Memorial Day Weekend I decided to go to Santa Monica to see what would be going on out there. I caught the bus out there which one might think was a mistake because after descending on the Westwood area from San Fernando area, I had to pass up 4 of the #750 buses on Wilshire Blvd because they were jammed to the windshield. Now this is not your average size buses, this is what is called an articulator bus, known by most as the bus with the accordion in the middle. The #750 takes you all the way to Ocean Ave, which is where the Santa Monica Pier is located. The mistake would actually be to drive to Santa Monica or Venice Beach, not because of the traffic but because of the parking. The prices to park down near the beach is 5 times what it is normally. That would be the mistake. I finally arrived at 4th and Wilshire Blvd. one block east of the 3rd Street Promenade, which is usually where I get off, because I always want to check out the Promenade to see what is going on before walking about 4 blocks to Ocean Avenue. Of course there were the usual street vendors and performers that are expected, but MAC Cosmetics had a big production there as well. It was beautiful to see for so many reasons. They had dancers and it felt like Old Hollywood in the 40s and 50s.  It was beautiful.  What I did notice in this rather young crowd of mostly women getting their makeup done and their boyfriends or husbands standing by, were a great deal of men over 60 yrs old that could relate to the show girl appeal of the production.   The music along with the style of dance, all tap dancing was great. from the front as well as from the back.  It was all quite sexy and fun.