Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Soft Granny

Today I was on the orange line that runs from San Fernando Valley to Hollywood, and there was this older lady that got on the bus. I was going to get up and give her my seat, but the gentleman next to me offered her his seat. When she started to position her self to sit, the bus moved and she was about to fall forward, so I reached out to catch her to keep her from falling. I proceeded to hold on to her until she was seated. She thanked me and just patted my leg with both hand in gratitude. At this very moment I was thinking of how soft she felt. She must have been close to 80 yrs old, not that she looked it, because she was going about her way just as we all were on the bus today. Her skin was a little wrinkley, in a pleasing sort of way, and her skin felt like a baby's butt. It was such a comforting thing when I touched her and felt how soft she was. I started to think of it is things like that which makes grandmas so special. Yes we know that is is the cookies they bake, the stories they tell, the way they make bad things go away, but it is also that cushiony smooth touch you get when you put your arms around her, when her face touches your; when her skin touches yours, it is something so comforting and loving in that touch.
  A Soulful Reminder