Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Le Pain Quotidien in Studio City

After walking about 5.5 miles there was rumbling in my stomach. Deciding on what and where to eat in Studio City  is always hard because there are so many great places to eat.  Passing this little bistro while on that 5.5 mile walk and stopping in to eat on the way back was the plan. . The bakery and communal table was esthetically pleasing, and the food also looked great.  I asked the waiter to tell me what the place was famous for and the first thing  he pointed out was the Quiche V├ęg├ętarienne.   This  was one of the things that I was considering after looking over the menu.  The next thing he suggested, which was his absolute favorite was this fabulous spinach salad with baked goat cheese, thinly sliced apples and caramelized nuts.   It is obvious from the description which one I decided on.  This salad was served with two different slices of their famous breads.   It was incredible.   I was equally as pleased with the service.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The House that Jack Built

Jack Stacy House
  I often think of returning to Savannah, Georgia to live.  First because it is where I grew up and my family still lives there, secondly because I still think there is still so much that can and need  to be done in the African American Community.  I still have some fight left in me and I want to contribute to my home town.  I don't know when or if this will ever come about, but I decided to look  to see what the housing market was like specifically in the Historic District.
Hollis Stacy's beginnings
Hollis in the LPGA
Martha Stacy Leach
This familiar house popped up on my screen. A house that I had frequented quite a bit as a teenager.  It was where my good friend and partner in crime grew up, Mary Stacey.  I have not seen Mary in over 30 years, but this house I recognized immediately.   Yes, the Jack Stacy House was a full house for sure.  As I read through the realtors ad, I realize for the first time that there were only 4 bedrooms in this house, because they had eleven kids. I guess Mr. Stacey redeemed himself with the five bathrooms because about half of those kids were girls.  I remember there being at least four girls. They had an older sister Hollis Stacey that became     Later Martha married the golf pro, John Leach, because she too had taken up the sport following in Hollis' footsteps.  Martha and her husband were running the pro shop at the Savannah Inn and Country Club the last time I saw her. The country club was torn down in the 1980s, but the golf course is still quite active. Martha and husband John are in Kentucky, where John is golf director at Traditions Golf Clubin Heron, Ky. [/caption]
      These red doors will always be significant as was the family that lived there.