Saturday, October 20, 2012

Getting Back to Basics

Everywhere I look I see where people are getting back to the basics of what is truly important in life. With all that is going on in this world today, the lost of life, lost of property, lost of jobs, lost of what we thought was most important.  We think we are going through  a time of immense corporate greed in America, but I think  that the message is much more than the obvious.  There are times when the purpose is much more aloof, people are beginning to realize what is really valuable in this world, what is valuable in their lives. It is not money, status, or our perceived  position in life, but it is our children, our spouse, our family, and our brethren.

 What is important is being what Our Creator intended  for us to be, our brother's keeper, a person that continues to love and give in spite of  our circumstance, because we are not our circumstances just as we are not our jobs or our position in life.  None of that we can  we take with us when we return to the earth.  We will not be judged or remembered by any of those things, we will be remembered by the way we lived our lives, by what was in our hearts, and mostly by how we treat each other.

  We are starting to re-evaluate our priorities, shifting our values, and making adjustments in the way we live our lives. I have been compelled to do this for some time, but it is a great deal harder to do than it sounds.

My Studio

De-cluttering your life both physically as well a emotionally is quite challenging. Being  so dutifully programmed to strive for the 'American Dream', we find it difficult to de-program. That is why there are many books and websites that helps us see the value in living the minimalist
When we fill our lives things, we consistently deplete our financial resources, which keeps us enslaved in a job that we no longer want to do.  Yes I  can go on and on about this for sure.  Instead of my doing that I am going to introduce you on to two of the most enlightening websites where the young corporate types are waking up.  I knew that the Baby-Boomers were really catching on to this concept, but I believe the younger crowd are now aware that those secure jobs no longer exists, retirement is a joke, and because we love immediate gratification due to the painful state of our lives in this country, we are not only enslaved to these jobs, but to banks by way of credit, and to the consistent flow of  stuff that we are using to crowd out that feeling of emptiness that is left with us in this vicious cycle.

  Zen Habits is the leading in this thinking of minimalist, but beautifully carried on is the minimalists.  Both of these sites are well worth reading through. I have been embarking on this lifestyle long before I knew there was a name for it.  I started out just wanting to lighten my load because I have moved a great deal in my life and I am tired of moving lots of stuff.  I know that I get bored with things rather quickly and liked the idea of going to new places and becoming a part of something new.  I didn't understand it at first, but now that I am understanding more and more about myself, I know that I want to become even more mobilized, somewhat nomadic actually, and I wanted to get down to what I need and those things that I actually enjoy the most.

  As Whoopi Goldberg says, " We're here for a reason. I believe a bit of the reason is to throw little torches out to lead people through the dark." Also there is an Irish Proverb that reads, 'It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.' Here is one website that focuses on Values, and how easy it is to implement them in our daily lives.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Welcoming Gia Maxine Keitt - I am a Granny.

©2012 TonyaKeittKalule  
This little lady stole the hearts of many when she finally entered this world Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 14:28PM.  She weighed 8lbs 3oz and was 20 3/4 inches long.  Yes she was a big one, and that explains why she had to be forced out of that tight space.  This lucky little girl had both parents, two grandmothers, and two sets of great grandparents awaiting her arrival.  Not many little ones are born with that much love waiting to be bestowed upon them. Gia is the first grandchild on both her maternal and paternal sides of the family; can you say S P O I L E D.
I have now joined the Grandparents Club and I must say that it is exciting.  I feel by her like I did her mother when she was born, but different. I pray that God gives me many more years to spoil her, because I want to give her everything.
©2012 TonyaKeittKalule
Maxie Lee Ryals
This little girl also carries a family name as her middle name, Maxine, is after her great great grandfather, Maxie Lee Ryals.  I could see the pride in his handsome face. Gia has one man's entire heart and that is her dad Michel Zeigler  He presently working and studying for his bachelors degree in Behavioral Analysis and he is going to need it, because this little girl is going to have him wrapped around her little finger.  Gia is in daddy's hands, which I pray is always in God's hands.
Yes, I am going to be photographing her for years to come as I did her mom.
©2012 TonyaKeittKalule
Nine months later, and Whitney you did a great job.  I look forward to watching you grow as a mother,  Congrats to my baby girl, Whitney D. Keitt.
©2012 TonyaKeittKalule

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Fun Has Ended

Baby Shower There was a baby shower today for Whitney Denise Keitt, my daughter, and her baby girl Gia.  Those that loved her came out to support her and that is a wonderful thing. This baby girl got so many clothes, even though she really didn't need any clothes, but little girls are so much fun to shop for.  I will admit that I wanted a boy since there are a number of girls in this family, but as we all say, "God Knows Best."  It is going to be a girl and I am already in love. This little girl is very lucky, she has two grandmothers and two sets of great grand parents awaiting her arrival.  As my mother would say, she is truly blessed. Here is her new beginning, a tired mom. Tired Mother to Be

Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's Often Nice

It is often nice living in a city such as Los Angeles. You can be walking down the street and turn a corner and there is a big event going on that is totally separate from what is going on a couple of blocks away. These separate events even draws a separate crowd and I find it so fascinating to watch. On Memorial Day Weekend I decided to go to Santa Monica to see what would be going on out there. I caught the bus out there which one might think was a mistake because after descending on the Westwood area from San Fernando area, I had to pass up 4 of the #750 buses on Wilshire Blvd because they were jammed to the windshield. Now this is not your average size buses, this is what is called an articulator bus, known by most as the bus with the accordion in the middle. The #750 takes you all the way to Ocean Ave, which is where the Santa Monica Pier is located. The mistake would actually be to drive to Santa Monica or Venice Beach, not because of the traffic but because of the parking. The prices to park down near the beach is 5 times what it is normally. That would be the mistake. I finally arrived at 4th and Wilshire Blvd. one block east of the 3rd Street Promenade, which is usually where I get off, because I always want to check out the Promenade to see what is going on before walking about 4 blocks to Ocean Avenue. Of course there were the usual street vendors and performers that are expected, but MAC Cosmetics had a big production there as well. It was beautiful to see for so many reasons. They had dancers and it felt like Old Hollywood in the 40s and 50s.  It was beautiful.  What I did notice in this rather young crowd of mostly women getting their makeup done and their boyfriends or husbands standing by, were a great deal of men over 60 yrs old that could relate to the show girl appeal of the production.   The music along with the style of dance, all tap dancing was great. from the front as well as from the back.  It was all quite sexy and fun.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Soft Granny

Today I was on the orange line that runs from San Fernando Valley to Hollywood, and there was this older lady that got on the bus. I was going to get up and give her my seat, but the gentleman next to me offered her his seat. When she started to position her self to sit, the bus moved and she was about to fall forward, so I reached out to catch her to keep her from falling. I proceeded to hold on to her until she was seated. She thanked me and just patted my leg with both hand in gratitude. At this very moment I was thinking of how soft she felt. She must have been close to 80 yrs old, not that she looked it, because she was going about her way just as we all were on the bus today. Her skin was a little wrinkley, in a pleasing sort of way, and her skin felt like a baby's butt. It was such a comforting thing when I touched her and felt how soft she was. I started to think of it is things like that which makes grandmas so special. Yes we know that is is the cookies they bake, the stories they tell, the way they make bad things go away, but it is also that cushiony smooth touch you get when you put your arms around her, when her face touches your; when her skin touches yours, it is something so comforting and loving in that touch.
  A Soulful Reminder

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Le Pain Quotidien in Studio City

After walking about 5.5 miles there was rumbling in my stomach. Deciding on what and where to eat in Studio City  is always hard because there are so many great places to eat.  Passing this little bistro while on that 5.5 mile walk and stopping in to eat on the way back was the plan. . The bakery and communal table was esthetically pleasing, and the food also looked great.  I asked the waiter to tell me what the place was famous for and the first thing  he pointed out was the Quiche V├ęg├ętarienne.   This  was one of the things that I was considering after looking over the menu.  The next thing he suggested, which was his absolute favorite was this fabulous spinach salad with baked goat cheese, thinly sliced apples and caramelized nuts.   It is obvious from the description which one I decided on.  This salad was served with two different slices of their famous breads.   It was incredible.   I was equally as pleased with the service.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The House that Jack Built

Jack Stacy House
  I often think of returning to Savannah, Georgia to live.  First because it is where I grew up and my family still lives there, secondly because I still think there is still so much that can and need  to be done in the African American Community.  I still have some fight left in me and I want to contribute to my home town.  I don't know when or if this will ever come about, but I decided to look  to see what the housing market was like specifically in the Historic District.
Hollis Stacy's beginnings
Hollis in the LPGA
Martha Stacy Leach
This familiar house popped up on my screen. A house that I had frequented quite a bit as a teenager.  It was where my good friend and partner in crime grew up, Mary Stacey.  I have not seen Mary in over 30 years, but this house I recognized immediately.   Yes, the Jack Stacy House was a full house for sure.  As I read through the realtors ad, I realize for the first time that there were only 4 bedrooms in this house, because they had eleven kids. I guess Mr. Stacey redeemed himself with the five bathrooms because about half of those kids were girls.  I remember there being at least four girls. They had an older sister Hollis Stacey that became     Later Martha married the golf pro, John Leach, because she too had taken up the sport following in Hollis' footsteps.  Martha and her husband were running the pro shop at the Savannah Inn and Country Club the last time I saw her. The country club was torn down in the 1980s, but the golf course is still quite active. Martha and husband John are in Kentucky, where John is golf director at Traditions Golf Clubin Heron, Ky. [/caption]
      These red doors will always be significant as was the family that lived there.