Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things are not what they seem.

When I took this photo at the Occupy99LA last weekend, I noticed this guy about thirty minutes prior to taking this shot, but around the corner in the front of the building.  When I saw him again I  thought  it was interesting how he covered himself in this way.  When I took this shot, the guy with the scarf, was quite a distance behind this young woman. If this photo was shown in another context it could be considered  a threatening moment.  This photo would definitely instill fear in many people.  It is merely the camera angle.  Taking a photo such as this would be the intention of many photographers and for many reasons. It could be to instill fear whether it was for sensationalism or just for a movie poster. This is how easily things can be skewed, regardless of whether  it was intentional or accidental. I would imagine that this is something that the tabloids are use to  and have probably studied in order to have the photo support the story.   This video explains the same tactic even more

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