Friday, May 20, 2011

Homeless in Los Angeles

Homelessness is something you see in Los Angeles everyday and everywhere. It doesn't matter the neighborhood, it is there. Of course you see a great deal more of it concentrated in certain areas like downtown LA and Venice Beach. It is a very sad thing to see but I always found myself wondering what were these people doing the moments before finding themselves homeless. I do realize that a great deal of these people suffer from mental illness, some are just down on their luck, and for others it is a lifestyle choice. I know, it is hard to imagine someone choosing to be homeless but it is often the case. This man is simply looking for recyclable items, but often times they are looking for food. You will see some with more than one shopping cart filled to the brim with stuff, plastic bottles or just personal items. I use to think that it was awful that these people are on the streets like this, with no where to go and nobody that cared enough to help them. I now realize that this may be a situation that is never eradicated. Capitalism does not breed the kind of care and community necessary for all in this country to have the basic needs; and it is unfortunately but I have come to accept it. I know many would think that acceptance of this is even more sad. I often give cash or buy a meal, but it is not nearly enough, but I do realize that it does help that person at that moment in time. The most heartbreaking to me other than seeing mothers and children on the street is when I see an elderly lady. We seem to throw them away like the trash. Now this guy on the scooter was parked near the Starbucks in Brentwood, near UCLA, and besides this scooter being filled with so much stuff that he could hardly ride it, he had an outside table right outside of Starbucks, filled with papers, books and a briefcase. It seems as though he pretending to be a professor or something.  He was wearing a fedora, which he took off and put to his chest, buttoned the jacket over it in the front of him so it would not blow away.  However, he did put the helmet on when he mounted the scooter.