Saturday, April 2, 2011

The City of Entertainment

New York New York Hotel and Casino
My room was nice and Comfortable. The Park Avenue Deluxe with King Bed
With my 50th birthday only four days away, I received an email for a vacation package to Las Vegas, and since I had never been I decided to check it out. Most of Friday, I went back and forth from website to website trying to find the best deal to Las Vegas. LA City Tours has a bus tour that I thought would be fun, since I was going alone, but I was not too excited about the hotel that they were using. When I was reading through the reviews, there were none on the hotel itself, they were all about getting the best steak for the buck. Since I am not a steak lover, I was not impressed, so I decided to skip on that package.  My search continued.  Priceline, Jetblue Airlines, and US Airways all had pretty good packages for Las Vegas, with a choice of hotels. After researching the hotels, I decided on a package from Jetblue with the New York New York Hotel and Casino.  It was definitely the best value.

 Inside the hotel and casino is like a city, with street signs, coney island, coffee shops, even a rollercoaster. Since I love New York City, this was a great reminder for me. The room was nice and very comfortable. Park Avenue Deluxe w/ King Bed.
Inside the Hhotel
 I am telling that this place is huge with about 15 different places to eat all under one roof.
more of inside
more of inside
The Casino Floor
Elvis Impersonator
 Waking up here on my 50th birthday was fun. At first I thought that I was way out my league, because I am not a big party girl, but after walking the strip the next day, I felt nothing but amazement. Most of that amazement was in the architecture and everything being bigger than life on the strip, a.k.a. Las Vegas Blvd. Even in the middle of the week the strip was jammed with people from every part of the globe. I met two separate couples that flew to Vegas from Australia. For me this trip was mostly for discovery. discovering what everyone loves about Vegas. Now I didn't catch any of the shows or win any significant amount of money, but I did enjoy the atmosphere and some great food. When I go back, yes I am going back, I will go to see a couple of shows and visit a few more fabulous restaurants. It would not be Vegas if you don't see at least one Elvis Impersonator Or two

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