Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eating in Chicago

I thought Los Angeles had some of the best restaurants, but I was blown away in Chicago.  Yesterday I had lunch at this beautiful little restaurant called Friends Sushi located on Rush Street in downtown Chicago. This is a place where my girlfriend Al often goes for lunch, because it is only a short walk from her Michigan Ave. office.  It was a small place on a side street, but it was cute and the food was fabulous.

 I arrived in Chicago on Friday after midnight and sat up talking with my friend from Philly until a little past day break.  Yes the sun was coming through the windows.  After only a couple of hours sleep we set out to get breakfast. Allison knows how to find the gems in any city, especially the one that she is so passionately in love with. So we ended up at  this quaint little restaurant called Big Jones in Andersonville.  Th menu at this restaurant is what I would consider southern with a Cajun flair, but much healthier than expected. It is fancy but affordable and the owners and staff were warm a welcoming.