Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Love Your Life Right Where You Are !

I am loving my life these days.  Working on my photography and my writing so that I can finally follow my passions.  I have always had several hobbies photography, painting, knitting, sewing, cooking, etc.  I have had to let a few things fall by the wayside, but photography is the one thing that has been consistent since high school.  There are many great photographers out there some professional and others are hobbyist.  I am working on making my passion for photography and telling a story into my life's work.  I may not be the best but I am planning to be really good at what I do, and I plan to do that by photographing what I love and that is people.  I have no interest in traditional portraiture, but in glamor and boudoir photography.  This is where I can put my make-up artistry skills to work as well as my cosmetology skills.  However, my true passion is documentary photography and photojournalism. With the latter I intend to incorporate multimedia skills.  This is all a work in progress and I am having a great time preparing myself for it all. 

I have always loved talking with people from all walks of life and learning their stories, and I want to tell some of those stories, with love, compassion, and authenticity.  I plan to spend the next fifty years of my life doing what I want to do. Following the passion that God has placed in my heart, in my spirit, and in my soul.  There are a lot of skill sets involved in this sort of work, but I have been working on mastering them. Digital photography makes it easy in one aspect and quite challenging in another, but I am up for that challenge, and am presently facing it head on.

  My love for people of different backgrounds and cultures also sparks my desires for travel.  My desires to meet people where they live, where they thrive, and where they love, in order to understand more about our differences, but mostly about our similarities.  I finally feel like I am ready for this, mostly because of my years of living on this earth that has brought about wisdom and understanding, often called maturity.  I am a firm believer that we are where we are in this life because that is exactly where we are suppose to be. 

We are not always where we want to be because we are not prepared or ready to do the things that we want to do and do them well.  Some people call it failure, I call it lessons in preparation.  That is what the last fifty years have been for me, hopefully it does not take as long for others, but I also realize that some never get there.  So for all the lessons and growing pains, I am grateful, because I am happy where I am. You know the most beautiful thing about it all is that I have a strong feeling that something is going to unfold within the confounds of the visual passions.  It may not manifest the way I plan, but I believe that I will be used within the loose boundaries of my passion.  I am totally opened to all that God has in store for me, because there is no doubt that it will be beautiful.  He has been preparing me for this for the past 5-7 years. n

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