Friday, August 20, 2010

How did you start? And Where Are You Now?

So many of us start out in life just trying to figure out "how to make a living", but before this start we are never taught how to live.  We go to college  in order to increase our income potential, to secure a better or more powerful position, but we are never taught how to handle the most important jobs in life. We don't learn to be a friend, a wife/husband, or a mother/father. So it is no wonder we lose sight of what is important in life as we are climbing that corporate ladder consistently trying to make ends meet.

We  are programmed to believe that being a parent and/or spouse , a job that we are never able to retire from, is secondary in this society. Building a a career is what we are first taught to do before we start to build a life with others. Making money is more important than making a friend, hence the corporate culture.  By the time we figure it out and start to deprogram ourselves, we are usually between the ages of 50-60 and often times tired.. We discover that all we really have in this life is family and friends. 

All relatives are not family, but through the years you learn who they are and you learn to cherish such relationships.  All the things that we try to accumulate in life will come and go.  We buy more houses, cars, and many other possessions and we dispose of them just as often. There are often times when we dispose of people but those are the people that come into our lives for merely a season.

 Sometimes we make the mistake of trying to make those seasonal people permanent and it does not work out the way we plan, because they were not meant to be permanent, they have a job to do in our lives and that is to give us an experience that takes us to the next level.  When we learn that, we will accept why they are, and allow it all to unfold as the Master planned it. Hopefully these seasonal people will also teach us about those that are there in our lives on a permanent basis.

I have had many seasonal people come my way. I don't know what it is about me that draws them.  I believe it could be that I never meet a stranger and will talk to anyone on the street; or I still had lessons to learn.  As I have gotten older my instincts have become keener and most importantly I know how to read these instincts and I follow them.  This is mostly because I spent the last few years of my life with someone whom I believe was permanent but  was in fact a seasonal person.  I made the mistake or bad decision in trying to turn that person into something permanent in my life, but even that may have been necessary, because without the experience I would not  have grown to the point I am today. 

However, when we make the mistake of trying to make a seasonal person permanent in our lives.  the lesson is indeed much harder than if you hadn't.  It was not a terrible thing in hindsight, because I learned a great deal about people and a great deal more about myself, and for that I am grateful. The other wonderful thing is that I have had the opportunity to realize who my true friends are. I mean those people that are in my life by choice and are still there as strong as ever. I have been blessed with a few good friends that have withstood the tests of time and life experiences.  Those that never wavered even when my life resembled a train wreck, or a re-run of sort. They never left me, even when I wanted to leave them.  I have always enjoyed these friends, but I truly feel the love that they have shown me for many years.  I have always tried to return that love the best way that I knew how, and I have been told by them that I have been a loving and compassionate friend.

Now I want to continue to build on these relationships because they are truly the good stuff life is made of.  They have often been my rocks but I realize they have and will always be my jewels.  I feel rich through my experiences with my friends I can only hope that I am able to enrich their lives as they have enriched mine. Even though we are not taught how to be a friend, one can only hope to find their meaning of friendship, and once they do, they will understand that it is truly a gift.

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