Sunday, July 25, 2010

Freedom at Fifty

I have a few friends that are on this freedom ride with me, but I realize that there is a great deal of others out there as well.  We are coming to terms with much of what we were taught growing up, acknowledging that it  just doesn't apply these days.  We are also learning how to make and follow our own paths, and the blessing is that we are at an age where we can do just that. We don't care if we fail, because we don't see it as failure, we see it as another part of the journey.  No we are not our mothers, and they are not their mothers.  I guess it is the natural progression of things, because when our daughters reach our age they will not be like us. 

My daughter has always admired that I was different than the mothers of many of her friends.  I was always a bit radical, non-judgmental, and a  non-conformist.  It often times got me in trouble, but now it really works for me, because there is no trouble to get  into.  These days it is either my way or no way.  Of course I am not on this course alone, my Heavenly Father is right there with me, and I am not working outside the realm of what He wants for me, and if I do, he lovingly reels me back in.

 I no longer buy into the hype of the "American Dream", because it is designed to enslave you.  It keeps you wanting more and more, regardless of how blessed you have been.  The dream keeps you in dept and I have been there more than once, but not any more.

 Turning fifty is so very liberating to me. The journey of letting go of all of the beliefs that have been forced upon me, that usually never served me because they were not mine to begin with.  I do understand why they were bestowed upon me.  Our parents and teachers do the best that they can, because they can only give what they have been given and hopefully what they have learned along the way.  That is also what we will do as parents.  Just hopefully as well learn better we do better and teach our children better, even if it does contradict what we first taught them.

 There was a time when many working people believed real estate investment, "rental property", was the way to secure your future, especially in your retirement years.  That is no longer the case.  I was talking to my aunt on the phone about a week ago, and she made a reference to this same belief. She told me to forget investing in real estate, and to just put my money in the bank, because it becomes more trouble than it is worth.  I learned this long ago about rental property, and tried to teach it to my father. That turning it over after  5-10 years was best, before the repairs start to suck the life out of you.  He is from a generation that believes in property ownership, and I believe in monetary ownership.  This is just one of those lessons.  There are so many more.  Again, that generation was parented by a generation that were not allowed to own much of anything, therefore they taught ownership to their children.

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