Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cultural Diversity

What is Cultural diversity? Per Wikipedia, ' There is a general consensus among mainstream anthropologists that humans first emerged in Africa about two million years ago.  Since then they have spread throughout the world, successfully adapting to widely differing conditions and to periodic cataclysmic changes in local and global climate. The many separate societies that emerged around the globe differed markedly from each other, and many of these differences persist to this day .'

 I have always felt the need to seek out and preserve the various cultures, traditions, religions, and languages of the many people of this world.  I find the indigenous cultures even more exciting.  That is probably because I grew up in a society where we feel the need to  fill our homes with things, our pockets with money, and our time with activities in order to fulfill the desire for the American Dream.  I think that dream has changed for quite a few people these days. Preserving the various cultures is a reminder that there are a countless ways to realize your dreams.

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