Saturday, June 12, 2010

My First Stop in LA.

When I alighted from the plane with  my husband looking for his friend to pick us up there was nobody there.  The friend never showed up and didn't answer his cell phone.  After waiting around for awhile he called my husband back and told us to get the Fly Away bus to San Fernando Valley and his brother would be there to pick us up. Again nobody showed up, so we took a cab to this place, the Motel 6 on Sepulveda Blvd.,as my husband was instructed by his friend. By this time I was an emotional mess,  I now know that we are in trouble.  We have also just been told by this friend that the place he had for us to rent had been rented to someone else and we now had no where to live.  What a first day!  So this is what adversity looks like.  Here I am, three thousand miles away from any and every thing that I know and I am without a place to live.  Now I am thinking that this is not what I signed on for.    After staying here a couple of days we were then taken to an extended stay in West Hollywood to figure out our future in this new city that we intended to call home.  Within a couple of weeks my husband was working and within a couple of months I was working.  Being in the middle of Hollywood made it pretty easy to get around so that was a relief.  I started to like my new home city and felt as though I could make a life here.  And I did. That friend is no longer a friend, and I am no longer married. 

What was your beginning like in a new city?  Did it turn out the way you had planned?  Were your friends dependable?  Did you stay or go back home?  Have you ever just picked up and move to a new city?

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