Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Quiet Time

This year has been a tough one in many ways.  I have been challenged both physically and mentally.  As I put back the pieces of my physical self, I have been forced to also put together the pieces of my spiritual and my mental health.  There is really something to be said about quiet time. When we stop going through our daily routines we are forced to look at all that is around us, even when that is not our intentions. It is absolutely necessary for a truly authentic life.

Living an authentic life should be the goal for us all, because through an authentic life is how we are able to utilize our gifts to better ourselves and the circumstances that surrounds us.   It absolutely amazes me how much there is to learn about who we really are and what we are meant to do.  So many search outside for peace and are not aware that we have already been given the necessary skills to be fulfilled.  We consistently seek immediate gratification in possessions, status, friends and sometimes loved ones.  We often  find ourselves still feeling quite empty inside.  Utilizing this time to really look inside of my heart, soul, and spirit to fill the emptiness that has only grown, has been extremely emotional, but the pieces have  seem to just come together.

Many people stop the process when they feel as though they have made some progress, but depending on your length of life and your experiences throughout that life, the process could take a great deal longer than you would imagine.  It is like peeling back an onion, because you can't get to the core until you peel back all of the pain, anger, hurt, and belief systems, created by others, that has governed you all of this time. Those belief systems were initially created by your parents, then your teachers, and then all of those in authority in your younger life.  You then go on to live by those belief systems constantly fighting the urges within, especially when your true self is in conflict with what you have been taught.

You ever wonder why you believe  the things that you believe, or why someone that you know have prejudices against others.  Maybe because of their skin color, nationality, religion,  or status in life.   It is because they are governed by a belief system that was imposed on them.  When someone ask you why you believe in something or don't believe in something and your only answer is because that is how you was raised, which is not an answer by the way.  You don't even know why you feel that way, you can't give one reason why that belief works for you.  That is your clue.  I know that my mother was afraid of worms all of my life and I grew up watching and having to respond to her reaction of the sight of a caterpillar. Now I wince at the sight of a worm, but I don't have any direct experience that would make me afraid.  A worm has never done anything to me, to make me afraid.

My mother is afraid of sick people. If she is somewhere and a person groans from pain, her knees get weak and her first thought is to run, to get away.  That is mostly because she grew up with a mother that was often sick and always called for her when she was sick and delirious from fever.  This is how someone's life can influence yours.  These are very simple examples, but I think that you may have the idea.

Well for me, the quiet time was due to some health issues, and the process became an extensive one, but the joy that I now feel is overwhelming. I have been able to peel back many layers of this proverbial onion and I recognize me once again.
I encourage young people to explore their true desires and passion because only then can you live an authentic life. When your parents tell you different, you decline with respect to their worries and concerns and still follow your dreams.